First Thoughts On The First Listen

First Thought On The First Listen: Thundercat – “Drunk”

So I take it this album is about getting and being drunk. Lovely idea for an album, in my opinion. The themed approach worked VERY well for him on The Beyond/Where The Giants Roam, which was about dying and being dead. Let’s hop in! Listen along track by track if you wish.

01. Rabbot Ho

Sounds like it’s picking up right where his last EP left off. He really has found a sweet spot with singing falsetto over his melodic bass lines. I love “Rabbot Ho” as a phrase and his choice to even write it this way brings me joy, because AAVE is the best.

02. Captain Stupido


“I think I left my wallet at the club” = been there, bro. This joint is so groovy. Reminds me of MonoNeon. Perfect background music for being drunk and not knowing what the fuck is going on (a lil bit).

03. Uh Uh

Ahh yes. This feels like the way your uncle who plays bass and was in a band tells stories about how poppin they used to be. These chord movements…YEESH!

04. Bus in These Streets

First single, was released a few months ago. Feels like 70s era Sesame Street, when every song was a hit. I love stream of consciousness songs and Cat is like…the king of that. Sonically this album already feels drunk. Wow, I’m really enjoying this.

05. A Fan’s Mail (Tron Song Suite II)

Head knocker. Why is he meowing lmao. Greaaatttt pocket here. “Everybody wants to be a cat. It’s cool to be a cat.” Dope writing style. He’s drawing parallels between his stage name and the Lion King, yall. The meows make so much sense now. This will prolly be one of my faves off this LP.

06. Lava Lamp

Immediately sounds like what a Lava Lamp looks like. This one feels more like high than drunk to me. Yall, his sound selection somehow got better. Deep groove, mid tempo. Body roll worthy.

07. Jethro

Hip-hop feel. Make sure you get into the bass solo stuff he is doing in the right ear early on, gaht damb he killin. I love how short the songs are. 

08. Day & Night.

This is giving me a little bit of a vaporwave feel. Sample fodder.

09. Show You The Way [f. Michael McDonald and Kenny Loggins]

The term “Yacht Rock” cracks me up, but it is really fitting. This man really got Michael “Subwoofer Virtuoso” McDonald and Kenny “Midrange Falsetto King” Loggins on a song together again. Wow. The stuff music nerd dreams are made of. And not only that, this song sounds like it dropped the summer of ’75 and it still doesn’t feel out of place on this record, at all. Random Sonic The Hedgehog High Score sound fx for the win.

10. Walk on By [f. Kendrick Lamar]

Ohhh some slow burn 808 groove. Interested to see how attacks this. Thundercat really be singing yall, haha. Drunk reminiscing about a love lost, who can’t relate? Kendrick delivers as always. Perfect song for a kickback.

11. Blackkk

Got some mixed meter happening. Reminds me of Weather Report. Great harmonies. “I want to experience all the (light? life?) has to offer meeee.” Nice lil morsel of a song. 

12. Tokyo

Chippy synths have my heart. This will be a fave in Tokyo for sure, lots of cultural references. And I think he has a few performance dates there on his tour. WHOA DUDE…second verse gets weird asf, be warned.

13. Jameel’s Space Ride

Now we’re in the 80s. Now we’re in a video game. This could easily be a Sonic level. Afrofuturistic lyrical content. Self conscious Sonic the Hedgehog reference at the end.

14. Friend Zone

This song makes me so mad. Because it is so dope musically, but I can’t buy into the whole Friend Zone shit. That’s a toxic concept, because it assumes that you are owed something because you are a nice guy to someone. Nah b. If you can manage to ignore the fuckboiness of this song, you will enjoy the sonic presentation. Feels like it coulda been on TPAB. The arpeggiated synth here is magical. Shout out to black reclamation of electronic music.

15. Them Changes

So, this song was definitely on The Beyond/Where The Giants Roam. It totally makes sense to put it on this album if you’re drunk, though, so I think I get why it’s on here. One of my favorite Thundercat songs all time.

16. Where I’m Going

Darker feel. Drum work is dope asf. The filter he is singing through is perfect for the track. Great walking music. Fades out for like 30 seconds, nice touch.

17. Drink Dat [f. Wiz Khalifa]

Ayyyyeee! This is like a club love song. Wiz was a good choice for this track. Great chant “drink dat, drink dat”. 17 tracks in and I haven’t been unimpressed yet. We might have a classic in our hands, yall.

18. Inferno

A more typical Thundercat feel: straight bass, sprinkle of synth and vocals. His compositions move like classical music and I love that. Great build up. Another well placed extended fade out. Wow. Everything feels right.

19. I Am Crazy

Narraration of the foggiest part of drunkenness.

20. 3AM

Reminds me of Prototype a luh bit.

21. Drunk

“Drowning away all of the pain, ’til I’m totally numb.” Real asf. This is why a lot of us get drunk. Cool vocoder work.

22. The Turn Down [f. Pharrell]

The most psychedelic sounding track so far. I’m loving the subtle musical movements here. Pharrell sits snugly in this one. #BlackLivesMatter.

23. DUI

Revisiting Rabbot Ho here. A beautiful ending to a great musical work. Feels very cautionary. Synth work is stellar here.

I’m really impressed with this one! Will be in heavy rotation for me.