#ResistTape: Protest, Liberation and Enlightenment in a Digital Age

#ResistTape is music for the angry and informed. Music for the wise and weary. The groove and funk of the sick and tired.

#ResistTape is a bridge that joins those blessed to think in ways that un-chain minds to those of us with lock-laden consciousness and experience.

#ResistTape is joy in the face of sorrow. Fire in the face of this time and next time. Victory over the enemy.


My name is Vince Anthony. I’d like to make a very important and intimate ask of you.

I am a crafted musician and singer. I am black as fuck. I am angry with the way this world means to destroy my people and itself.

I have been searching my heart to see how I could serve us best through resistance. Music is my tool.

I have found myself following you and your work for some time now. You have inspired and enlightened me personally.

I have seen the issue of bridging the gap between everyday black folk and those of us in academy or seminary. The desire and need to take theories and live them out in the best course possible. The desire and need for consciousness levels to be raised in a newer, whiter era.

Music has been language for us since our beginning. Our language has been co-opted and stolen years and years on end. Maybe it’s time to develop a new codification for our words and our likenesses. Especially in an ever more intrusive era, assisted heavily by technology.

I’d like to ask you this: Will you be a co-laborer with me, in the form of submitting an interview or 500 words as source material for social justice protest music to be produced and performed by me and other artists, recorded for a mixtape and dispensed for free? All proper credits and citing will be offered as an attachment to every mixtape download, along with transcripts of interviews and/or copies of your submitted writings.

If you would like to be a part of this, send me an email @ confirming your participation.

There are no general hard deadlines. I will roll out the art into a database as the source material comes.

Light and Love to you,

Vince Anthony

Song format: Verses+Hooks ->> Bridge to a chant

              ***Optional: recorded interview or recitation of an “abstract” of source material                             over music.

Here are some examples of my protest music:


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