Interview: Janelle Monáe’s Hair, The Monáe

We been checkin’ for Janelle Monáe for ages, now. She’s one of the greatest living performers out there. She’s got a remarkable body of work and a record label under her belt. She’s expanded to the silver screen and even made an appearance at the Golden Globes this year for two separate films (Hidden Figures and Moonlight). Of course, I’d be remiss not to mention her hair, though.

It’s too lit.

So lit, in fact, that it has it’s own social media presence. You read that correctly.

Janelle Monáe’s hair (who goes by the moniker The Monáe) is a social media force to be reckoned with. She can be found getting non-inclusive folk/occurrences together, taking pics at award shows and was even recording special moments at Beyoncé’s 35th birthday party.

I reached out to Jane’s hair (with explicit permission, of course) and we got to talking about her experience as one of the most revered coiffs in history. Here’s the convo:

The Vince Anthony Show: What’s it like being the most important crown in Metropolis?

The Monáe: It’s pretty cool. I can’t really go into detail because of Droid Control but let’s just say I’m not just any ol’ ordinary crown.

TVAS: What’s your regimen? LOC? LCO? What products do you use?

TM: The LOC Method is amazing. Also, the products Cindi uses taste delish. You ever tried Coconut Shea Moisture Lotion? Best food ever.


TVAS: Let’s talk about Solange’s “Don’t Touch My Hair?” What do you think of it? How does it make you feel?

TM: Yes, I actually listen to it everyday. The song really uplifts me. Makes my roots tingle. It’s a really important song/topic. We (hair) take time to grow and when someone touches us…it’s a big Flag On The Play. That song was needed and I’m happy that someone finally made it.

TVAS: Give me your thoughts on wigs.

TM: Wigs are fun. You ever wanna have a great time? Invite wigs. They’re the life of the party. My great Auntie is actually a Wet ‘n’ Wavy wig. Also, Cindi owns a lot of wigs. I play dress up in them. Love em! I think everyone should own at least one wig! They’re important.

TVAS: Dope.

TM: Don’t tell her I told you that.

TVAS: I won’t.

You recently strayed from the pompadour that made you famous. What can we expect from you in the future?

TM: I didn’t stray away from it completely, ya know! Hmmm, the future? I shall never ever tell!


TVAS: Word. Whats the view like on stage?

TM: It’s incredible when Janelle’s not covering me up with a hat like Quirinus Quirrell does Lord Voldemort.


TM: Sometimes it gets annoying. I just want to see you guys. That’s why I kick the hat off and the hair pin.

TVAS: Ayyee turn up! Speaking of movies, could you speak on your experience in Moonlight and Hidden Figures?

TM: Sure, I had a blast on both sets! In Moonlight I play Justine. Seen some things, been through some things but I’ve yet to let those things gray me ya know? It was super duper hot so they had to keep me hydrated with lots and lots of oils and Fiji Water.

The weather was perfect during the filming of Hidden Figures. The only problem I had was with the wind tunnel. It’s no joke. I made lots of new friends and learned a lot. People were really weirded out about the whole talking hair thing but after a while they fell in love with me.

TVAS: Do you an Jidenna’s hair kick it? If so, what’s that like?

TM: Not a lot, We’re always busy but when we do we have a great time. He’s very laid back, pun intended.

TVAS: You should consider stand up. Do yall call that “hi top” or….?

TM: How’d you know? Haha
TVAS: Tell me about your Golden Globes experience. Must’ve been exciting!
TM: The Golden Globes were amazing. A lot of people I’ve watched on television…. I tried to jump off of Jane’s head to get to Viola. I absolutely love her but that would’ve been a bit much.
TVASListen. I get it.
TM: I was decked out in the finest pearls and extra glossy, too. She’s been putting a lot of weird things on me lately, have you peeped that?
TVAS: I peeped. It’s a good look though. Looks for days.
TM: But, anyways it was so amazing to see Jane & the cast of Moonlight take home a Golden Globe for Best Motion Picture Drama. I worked hard in that movie. They told me to stay curly so I did and I think I did a pretty amazing job. I didn’t let the heat of the moment get to me. Hopefully we’ll be at the Oscars next. I really want to do a pre-show interview.
TVAS: That would be litty! How would you like to be remembered?
TM: As the most kick ass crown, ever.
Follow Janelle Monáe’s hair on Twitter and Instagram @The_Monae

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