Music I Like

Music I Like – Jake Sherman – “When It Was Summer”


Jake Sherman is a soft-spoken multi-instrumentalist and singer out of Boston, Massachusetts. I first heard his music a few years ago when I visited my partner, who was in grad school at the time. She was (and is) very intentional about setting atmospheres with her music choices, and with the hectic climate she found herself in, Jake Sherman‘s soft and groovy When It Was Summer was the prescription.

I’d immediately gotten caught up in the swing of it. It has the bop of a gleeful walk down the street. It carries a warm assurance with it, which serves as a loving hug, preparing you for the cautionary, reflective and rich lyrical content.

The Music

The song opens with a bed of filtered e-piano and Sherman singing with a beautiful, conversational tone. It picks up soon after with a gleeful drum rhythm that skips along throughout the song.

Why I Like It

This song has such a pleasant feel and this guy can PLAY, y’all. His play style, particularly on piano, is so expressive and gives you a peek into his personality. It’s clean and warm like fresh towels. I’m a strong proponent for artist (who are able) to produce their own songs, because nothing feels as real as that. This is the reason why nothing feels like a Stevie Wonder or Alex Isley recording.  Jake Sherman is a shining example of this.

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How It Makes Me Feel

I always can vibe out to this song at anytime, on any day. Its calming and groovy and those are like…my two favorite things to experience. When I put it on, I feel like I should light some incense and kick back with a cup of tea. The lyrics cause me to reflect on my own past experiences and ponder my future with a clear and sober lens, and that is really refreshing for me. Sherman  has achieved the alchemy of assuring folks that “it’s gonna be alright” in music form…without having to explicitly say it.

When You Should Listen

When It Was Summer is great for days in with a clear agenda. Good background music to add to a work playlist. A nice soundtrack for warm days with rain. Perfect for autumn morning commutes.

Check out Jake Sherman’s Soundcloud and purchase his self-titled album at Bandcamp!

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