Artists I Like Spotlight

Artists I Like Spotlight – Robyn Hood

Robyn Hood has an energy that I haven’t felt in rap since the heyday of artists like Eve and Lauryn Hill. Born and bred in the streets of West Philadelphia, she carries with her the lineage of raw talent (even as a relative newcomer to the rap game) that that section of the city is known for in the world of arts. Her two new singles Heroine and Reach give you a good sense of both her musical prowess and artistic intention, with themes of uplift and empowerment. I got a chance to sit down with Robyn Hood and talk about her background, where she’s been and where she intends to go.

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Music I Like: What attracted you to rapping as an art form?

Robyn Hood: I’ve always loved poetry and as a classically trained actress, I’ve studied the Bard and am very attracted to verse and prose. I love Beats and telling stories and how the two can work seamlessly together to inspire, motivate, educate and most importantly uplift.

MIL: What motivates you to create?

RH: Life. Current events. My youngins. Future generations. My motto is to take your negative energy and make it positive. I grew up in the hood, the rough streets of West Philadelphia, and not having has made me be proactive. It’s taught me how to be a talker and a walker.

MIL: What projects are you currently working on?

RH: I’m currently working on finishing my upcoming EP for summer release and I’m also in a play at my alma mater Yale University doing a play by William Shakespeare called Cymbeline. The show is at Yale Rep and I play the lead male Posthumous. For more info: Cymbeline

MIL: What is your vision for yourself in regard to your art?

RH: My vision and mission coincide. It’s to educate through entertainment. I’m an activist in support of healthy change and growth. My goal is to offer another lane to success by promoting and demonstrating how to independently building your own unique brand and how to make your education work for you. I do this through my acting and my music. I create my own material, so I have say in the end result. I’m in control of what I produce. I believe in being your own boss so that no one can fire you.

MIL: Who are some of your artistic influences?

RH: I’m influenced by artists, playwrights and musicians who make or have made bold choices in their work, i.e. Lorraine Hansberry, August Wilson, Prince, Michael Jackson, Lauryn Hill, Maya Angelou, Ntozake Shange just to name few.

MIL: Who/What is your dream collaboration?

RH: Right now, I’d love to do a track with Stevie Wonder, Kendrick Lamar or Lauryn Hill.

Check out Robyn Hood at Soundcloud and Reverb Nation!
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