Music I Like

Music I Like – Vulfpeck – “Funky Duck” featuring Antwaun Stanley

Vulfpeck is comprised of 4 Vulf Records studio musicians who went indie in 2011: Jack Stratton, Theo Katzman, Woody Goss & Joe Dart. These guys really know what it means to enjoy being musicians and not take themselves too seriously. These qualities ooze out of their music making as well as their simplified online presence. The content hardly ever concentrates on deep subject matter, but rather dares to center the joy of making the music itself, featuring themes of fun, playfulness and innocence. Good music is the priority, as evidenced in their choice to record from a living room studio set up, as opposed to a conventional studio.

They call on the immense talent of established vocalist and Stellar Award nominee Antwaun Stanley for a substantial number of cuts. It really is a match made in heaven. Stanley’s musical background fits snugly within Vulfpeck‘s presentation.

Vulf Records Logo

The Music

“Funky Duck” opens up with some dirty clav octaves laying down some groundwork. As soon as Antwaun Stanley eeks out the first note, you know what time it is. He then slides effortlessly into an intoxicating melisma. Stanley’s gospel roots make themselves plain as he delivers vocal flurry after vocal flurry with steady, ad-libby leads throughout both verses.

Also, I think it’s important to note that this song is not about a duck. (See (hear): second verse).

Why I Like It

Because it’s about a funky duck. Like. Yes.

How It Makes Me Feel

I’m totally convinced that Vulfpeck should be in charge of all public access children’s programs’ soundtracks. It would promote information retention and artistic interest in our youth. Kids would learn how to count to 100 and how to bring the funk simultaneously. There is simply no better educational endeavor. Could you imagine Big Bird jammin’ and teaching our little ones the importance of arithmetic?

This is NOT to say it’s never been done (Sesame Street and Schoolhouse Rock are the GOAT, in my opinion). There have been many genre based kids’ shows throughout the years, ranging from Little Einsteins to Hip Hop Harry (remember him?). I just think that Vulfpeck would do the best job. I would not feel an ounce of guilt plopping my toddler in front of the TV to watch a show where this band was in charge of all of the music for hours on end. Because when I debrief with my two year old afterward not only will s/he know the difference between adjectives and verbs, but s/he will also know what it means for a bass player to lock in a groove, and that is just as important.

When You Should Listen

“Funky Duck” is ideal for walking down the street with a boombox. You should definitely have it playing in the background if you are using a pick-up line on someone. It’s great for train rides and head nodding sessions as well.

Check out their latest album, Thrill of the Arts, and come back and talk to me about it!


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