Music I Like

Music I Like: Yasmin Green – “Ticking”


Yasmin Green is a singer/songwriter/producer from the UK and if silk were sound, it would be her voice. She has an expansive range and a tone that’s both clear and warm. Her vibe is like if Sade had Beyonce‘s range and still maintained her signature tone. Her vocal agility and ability is showcased perfectly on her song Ticking.

I generally gravitate to singers with rich, thick tones. If her tone were a food it would be…hmm…ok….strawberry cheesecake. Rich, velvety, sweet and satisfying. If you’re not careful you will eat too much. Good thing listening doesn’t develop love handles because every time I listen to Yasmin Green I have quite a few servings. I could have used some of her other Soundcloud offerings for this post, but I chose Ticking because it shows off her many talents and skills at once. Production, vocal control and songwriting shine on this cut. Take a listen and see if you aren’t a fan by the next paragraph.

Vibraphone strikes set the stage for the clock spending off seconds. Her vocals communicate immediately how valuable each second is. There is passion and pain and what she has to say is so necessary that she is choosing to use her precious time to make this statement of a song. Matters of the heart require time and attention, and this song further proves that:

Happily ever after?/

Is that what this is?/

After a breakdown all of these walls still let you in./

A beautiful rapture,/

but we’re still here./

You promised the world and told me that we’d disappear/

It’s all a matter of time/

But I am running/

out of time.

For me, it’s rare to find a voice that’s hard to get tired of hearing. Sitting here writing this blog post, I have had Yasmin Green playing on repeat and my ears aren’t weary yet. When artists exhibit exemplary skills in their work, it becomes timeless. I’d say Yasmin Green has what it takes to become timeless as a singer, no matter the ticking.

Check Yasmin Green out on Soundcloud and tell me what you think of her music!


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