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Music I Like: All Cows Eat Grass – The Kool Collection


In an R&B market that exhibits a lot music that is “more of the same” or “same as the others”, All Cows Eat Grass‘s The Kool Collection stands boldly as a work of art in a mostly industrial musical landscape.

The group is comprised of Terrance Brown, who is Janelle Monae‘s keys player/musical director and former member of the now disbanded Jaspects, as well as John Cohran and Reneeka Rae, who collectively serve as producers for Janelle Monae’s live shows.

They provide clear, funky grooves underneath of bright and chordy synth work. It’s an altogether new flavor of song that incites dance and lays hold of your undivided attention with obviously well thought out melody lines and musical patterns, presented at seemingly all of the right moments.

It’s faintly reminiscent of 16-bit video game tunes mixed with the sound of live soul bands of the neo-soul era. The band takes on their own identity right from the get-go, though, even going as far as making a declaration of that in “be Kool” with the following lyric:

My name is Terrance/

and we are A-C-E-G/

We’re not as kool as we make it seem/

but we are cooler than stupid hooks and wack beats/

don’t you agree?

You can check out  brand new EP from All Cows Eat Grass, The Kool Collection here.


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